About Austin

IMG_9268 -AustinI'mTwoAustin was born on November 1, 2013. He was a pretty good baby other than some issues with reflux and not sleeping very well.

At the age of 6 months I noticed that Austin seemed oblivious to everybody. He didn’t care whether I was nearby or not; he never went through separation anxiety.  I noticed that his peers would cry when dropped off at the church nursery, but Austin had no reaction when I would leave him.

He rocked from about 6 months of age on in his car seat, crib and high chair, and by 11 months was already banging his head on things. It wasn’t out of anger, or necessarily during a fit, he just randomly banged his head on different surfaces.

By his first birthday, I realized that Austin didn’t respond to his name at all and spent hours fascinated by watching water drip off his fingers or toys in his water table or in the bathtub.

As he grew older and he didn’t talk, or attempt to, I became very concerned. The months of trying to get others to see the concerns I had were incredibly frustrating and difficult. “Boys are late talkers” was something I heard repeatedly.

I knew despite what anyone, including the pediatrician said, that something wasn’t right. It all clicked one day when Austin was about 21 months old. It hit me suddenly, and I looked up symptoms of autism. It was then I realized he had most of the textbook symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

At this point, we started private therapy, as well as Early Steps through our county. We added ABA therapy about 6 months later, and that was our routine until he started school last fall after his 3rd birthday.

Austin is now 4 years old. He is mostly nonverbal, though he has begun to say/repeat a lot in the past 6 months. At times he also uses signs to communicate.

He attends a school for autism, and he continues with ABA therapy, as well as speech during and after school.

Austin’s current behavior/obsession is throwing things as high as he can, then screaming for whatever he just threw. He does this pretty much nonstop even most of the night at times. He does enjoy swinging on our backyard swingset when he needs a little break from throwing dirt and rocks on the patio roof, lol.

Sloppy wet kisses, squeezes around my neck, and the sound of his laughter are some of my favorite things about this sweet boy of mine.